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L. McFarland

Satyan and the team are sincerely some of the best out there in this business and it’s fair to say after trying and testing with other brokers who were unresponsive or just gave us terrible financial advice, Satyan was refreshing. I can’t recommend him enough, and I’m confident that you won’t regret taking the chance once you’ve dealt with them.

F. Ashraff

Satyan’s a financial/mortgage genius and his team are miracle workers… What I love about working with Satyan is that he is direct, straight to the point and comes up with different strategies for your circumstances and goals, and the best part, is that he works through each strategy with you and tells you the pros and cons. Thank you Satyan and Team…Highly recommended.

B. Jain

Satyan and the iConsult team not only helps with the mortgage but goes above & beyond when it comes to unbiased financial advice best for your investments. Couldn’t be happier with our 2 purchases this year and would highly highly recommend them to everyone!


Satyan displayed excellent judgement and helped develop a strategy to suit my objectives. I would not consider iConsult ‘Business as Usual’ – they definitely added a lot of value beyond most standard brokers. Would highly recommend it, especially if you have unique/complex circumstances.

C. Gee

Property Investor

Unable to secure funding after a month of trying, Satyan was recommended as someone who could help us with this process. We were fortunate that Satyan was able to see us so quickly – only a day after we made contact. He went through our financial situation and immediately highlighted areas where the banks would want clarification. We had some complexities involving family trusts and also employment contract terms. During our meeting Satyan made contact with a lawyer who was able to assist with our family trusts. Satyan also managed our expectations on the process and timeframes for approvals – which we really appreciated. Our application for lending fell over the Christmas period – and through Satyan’s network, we were able to get priority on resolving the trusts. The outcome speaks for itself. I believe Satyan was instrumental in getting our lending approved.

Chris GeeProperty Investor

J. Schoonees

Property Investor

Satyan and his team at iConsult are more than hard-working and efficient: they have insider knowledge of the banking system and they know how to think outside the square for a solution custom made to my needs.  On top of that Satyan is professional and caring.  He has thoroughly earned my trust.

Johann SchooneesProperty Investor

C. Magon

Property Investor

We presented Satyan with a situation that was not the easiest. We had already presented our case to a number of brokers who told us that we couldn’t do what we wanted to do. Satyan found solutions while keeping his attention on our goals: medium to long term. We have finance approved thanks to Satyan. And he’s been a key part of making sure that we have a property investment strategy.

Clifton MagonProperty Investor

H. Sodhi

Business Owner

I was lost before I dealt with Satyan. He guided me, not just on how to structure my finances but how to structure my business. He made things easier and helped save me money and a lot of hassle.

Hardeep SodhiBusiness Owner

J. Singh

Business Development Manager

Satyan has definitely won our respect with his honesty and tenacity to make things happen. He’s very clued up and is a real people person. He walks the talk; if he gives you a commitment, he’ll follow it through.

Jonathan SinghBusiness Development Manager

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